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17 Amazing Antique German Bisque Head Belton Fashion Doll 137 French Market

Beautiful old fashion doll. I found her in 200 Years of Dolls; photo attached. The jewelry is sterling and turquoise. The earrings are difficult to put back in if removed (experience lol). The dress does not appear as old as the underwear and apron. The stockings are relatively new. Stands and props are not included. […]

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Antique French Closed Mouth EJ Jumeau Face Doll German Sonnenberg Belton 12

This gorgeous blue eyed antique bisque French Market Belton doll was probably made by Sonnenberg in Germany and she has the French EJ Jumeau Face! She is a 12 doll and her body is fully jointed. She has an excellent bisque head that is closed and flattened on the top with two holes for stringing […]

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