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GORGEOUS Rare Early Antique Bahr Proschild Belton Type Dome Head Doll Mold 309

GORGEOUS Rare Early Antique Bahr Proschild Belton Type Dome Head Doll Mold 309. This is an early 18 tall B&P doll made in Germany. She is incised “309 9″ on the rear of her shoulderplate. She has no damage to her very pale bisque shoulderhead or her delicately sculpted hands and fingers. Her eyes are […]

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Antique Early 23 German Bisque Kammer Reinhardt 192 Kr 192

Gorgeous early Kammar und Reinhardt KR 192 made between 1886 and 1895. Bisque head doll with wood body. The bisque head is fabulous and free of lines. Body is wood/compo jointed and seems to be repainted. Face is angelic and beautiful! Bisque head is free from damage or restorations and she is on her original […]

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Antique Early Kestner Bisque Shoulder Head Closed Mouth Pouty 13 German Doll

This 13 antique Kestner is an early shoulder plate doll with a closed mouth which looks a little pouty. She has her original plaster pate , what may be her original human hair wig, and has beautiful brown glass stationary eyes. She is wearing an elaborate dress, pantaloons, a half slip, socks and shoes, a […]

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Antique German Early Pouty Kestner All bisque Doll

Antique Early Pouty Kestner All Bisque Doll. This sweet little doll is just 5 ½ tall without her wig. She is marked 0 on her head and torso. She has a swivel neck with jointed shoulders and hips with the elastic pulled though and tied. Her stringing is a little loose, so she could easily […]

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Early Antique Original 15 1/2 German Closed Mouth Fashion Doll and Wardrobe

This is a beautiful antique all original 15 1/2 inch German Fashion doll in excellent condition. She has early blue glass stationary and outlined in black eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, feathered brows, open closed mouth, pierced ears, and swivel neck on a shoulder plate. Her body is gusseted kid leather with wired fingers. […]

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Antique Early German China Doll With Short Cropped Hai, Circa 1850r

Offered for sale is an early German china doll. The doll is 22 inches tall on a cloth body with china arms. The doll has great expression and modeling. It has painted bi-colored blue eyes, red lines above the eyes, and parted lips. It has many brush strokes creating wisps of hair. I have seen […]

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Early 22 Closed-Mouth Kestner 13 Antique Bisque-Head German Doll JDK

22 Early Closed- Mouth Kestner. Bisque Head / Composition Body – Stands Approx. This is an exceptional early closed-mouth 22″ Kestner doll, with her original plaster pate, and marked only “13. She has a pale complexion and a beautifully painted face with delicately feathered eyebrows. She is wearing a gorgeous cream-color embroidered silk-and-lace dress with […]

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Early Antique German Bisque 18 Closed Mouth Kestner Doll Marked 8 Orig Clothes

Very beautiful 18 antique German doll marked 8. I think she’s by Kestner and is an early version with a closed mouth. Stunning original clothes and wig. Her bloomers and shoes are newer. She has an original kid body that is joined at the elbows. The body is on overall good shape. It is very […]

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RARE early 17 inch Closed-Mouth Bahr & Proschild 225 Antique Doll

George Bahr and August Pröschild founded the Bähr & Pröschild doll company (also spelled Baehr & Proeschild) which began as a porcelain and doll factory in 1871 in Ohrdruf, Germany. They registered their first doll mold in 1888 and merged with the Bruno Schmidt doll company around 1919. Not at all as prolific in the […]

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Offering a GORGEOUS large 6 early German all-bisque stiff-leg Kestner doll. She has the wrestler type body.. With rounded chest, belly and chubby thighs… Her proportions are ample like that of a young girl child. This beauty has an open ball head and a gorgeous innocent face w/large (knock-out) cobalt blue glass eyes in the […]

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