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Antique Terrier Fripon Salon Dog Kestner Jumeau French fashion doll companion 3

Antique Fripon Terrier salon dog Bleuette French fashion doll companion w/ Foreign Label. What a companion for your Bleuette/Bru/Kestner/Jumeau French fashion doll. This adorable white mohair Scotty is 3″ L x 3/4″ W x 2 1/4 T. Has about 90% of the white mohair left. Still has his blue with yellow trim bow with metal […]

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ANTIQUE FUR BORZOI KESTNER BRU salon dog FRENCH fashion doll companion GERMANY

Set of 3 antique Borzoi dogs. A mother and her 2 pups. They all have glass eyes. Mom is 10″ nose to tail and 7″ tall. She has an open mouth with 2 upper canine teeth showing and red tongue. The pups have a closed mouth. The pups are 6 long nose to tail. They […]

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