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Exquisite Antique All Bisque German French Kestner Mignonette Dollhouse Doll

She is truly a very high quality, magnificent doll with highly blushed cheeks, blue eyes, and a beautiful coral mouth. There are two light dots that are very tiny on her upper left forehead. There is also a little lightening of the bisque where the dots are. I used a 10 x loupe to see […]

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Antique Doll Pair Mignonette Gebruder Kuhnlenz German 5.5 Petite

Antique Doll Pair Mignonette Gebruder Kuhnlenz German 5.5 Petite. These sweet set of matching antique dolls measure approximately 5 1/2 tall and are in great condition. I believe them to be German Gebruder Kuhnlenz dolls. They have blue glass stationary eyes and detailed painted faces. They have five-piece bodies made of composition with painted socks […]

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RARE! Antique 6.5 Kestner 192 Jointed body Bisque head German doll mignonette

This is one of the new acquisitions of antique hunting in France Tiny 6.5 inch (16.5cm) Kestner doll with bisque head, the mold # 192 is very hard to find in this small size! And certainly with moving legs and a beautifully sculpted body. This is a small unusual early German mignonette with beautifully shaped […]

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Antique Rare All Original Alpine Christmas Bisque Mignonette Doll Christmas Box

Darling and rare all original mignonette dressed as an Alpine Elf! I have crafted a Christmas box for her with all antique materials. She has bisque arms, but Im not sure what her legs are made out of because she cannot be undressed. Would be perfect for your larger dollars to hold. I have more […]

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Antique German Bisque William Goebel Dollhouse Mignonette Doll

I might miss some minor flaw so, Please look carefully at my photos. This little lady is Approx.. 6 tall with bright blue glass eyes, highly blushed cheeks, and a coral pursed mouth. There is a little tiny round mark on her left cheek. She does have some surface dirt on her legs and face […]

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Antique dollhouse doll mignonette closed mouth & flower hat dated about 1900

Cute antique dollhouse doll with her antique cardboard box , lovely flower child with original antique doll dress & wonderful antique hat with blooms, dated about 1900. Bisque doll with inset blue glass eyes, cute face with closed mouth, mold numbers are 36-8 on the doll’s back. She has heeled shoes. Height of the doll […]

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Lovely Antique Darling 3.5 All Bisque Doll French Mignonette Look Fancy Hat

Darling 3.5 little all bisque doll. She has a slender body much like a mignonette. She wears a tiny crochet outfit and comes with a fancy artisan-made hat. Shes has a newer mohair wig that suits her well. There is a tiny chip to one of her thighs and there may by a very good […]

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All Original Antique 5 Doll Mignonette Size With Sheep And Box French Face

This little doll is stunning. She is all original and her dress, wig and hat are in great shape. I have made a presentation box for her with antique materials and added two sheep. The sheep obviously show wear, but are very cute additions. She has some wear to her arms and legs, but is […]

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Antique 8 Cabinet Mignonette Size German Bisque Head Composition Doll DEP 12/0

Antique 8 Cabinet Mignonette Size German Bisque Head Composition Doll DEP 12/0. 8 doll with original clothes. I cannot read her markings exactly but it looks like it may read.. 3-k in a horseshoe (this is what I cant make out 100%). There is a small chip on the side of the head where the […]

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All Bisque Mignonette Antique Doll

Tiny All Bisque Mignonette antique doll about 4. Her dress and hair bow are newer but have been sewn on so I can’t see any markings. There’s a chip on one of her shoes. I didn’t feel or hear any cracks and didn’t see any hairlines or repairs on the visible parts of the doll. […]

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