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17 Amazing Antique German Bisque Head Belton Fashion Doll 137 French Market

Beautiful old fashion doll. I found her in 200 Years of Dolls; photo attached. The jewelry is sterling and turquoise. The earrings are difficult to put back in if removed (experience lol). The dress does not appear as old as the underwear and apron. The stockings are relatively new. Stands and props are not included. […]

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Amazing 1938 Enamel Postage Stamp Souvenir Charm Bracelet Antique Vtg German

This was made as some kind of souvenir piece. The nationalities of the stamps are Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Bermuda, Sweden, New Zealand, UK, and another Bermuda. The piece is made of brass with a folding box clasp. The faux postmarks date this to 1938. This piece is so cool! This is stamped MADE GERMANY on […]

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