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GORGEOUS Rare Early Antique Bahr Proschild Belton Type Dome Head Doll Mold 309

GORGEOUS Rare Early Antique Bahr Proschild Belton Type Dome Head Doll Mold 309. This is an early 18 tall B&P doll made in Germany. She is incised “309 9″ on the rear of her shoulderplate. She has no damage to her very pale bisque shoulderhead or her delicately sculpted hands and fingers. Her eyes are […]

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GORGEOUS! 17 Closed Mouth VII Kestner Antique Doll 1882 Original Wig Early

These dolls dont come up to often… But to have one come up that is considered first out the mold.. She stands at 17 inches. She has a bisque socket head. Brown glass sleep eyes with a closed mouth. Her ORIGINAL mohair wig!! So beautiful and with charming styling. ORIGINAL early wooden and composition fully […]

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Gorgeous Antique Parian Doll 17 Germany

For your consideration is an absolutely gorgeous parian doll 17 Germany. She wears an elegant navy blue, custom made, cotton dress with matching bonnet bloomers, black stockings and black shoes with tiny bows on top… The dress is very soft and fluffy and reflective of the her era in time. She can be displayed either […]

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GORGEOUS Antique H Handwerck German Bisque Doll 69 Curly Blonde Wig Pretty Dress

STUNNING ANTIQUE GERMAN HEINRICH HANDWERCK 24 DOLL. Curly Blonde Hair Huge Blue Sleep Eyes Charming Dress. BACKGROUND & MARKINGS Our antique German doll is quite lovely! She has a gorgeous bisque Dolly Face and a. Jointed composition and wood ball body. Her head is marked 6912, Germany Handwerck, 4. Her composition body is stamped in […]

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Gorgeous Gray Eyed Antique Bisque German Character Baby Doll, 16

Gorgeous Gray Eyed Antique Bisque German Character Baby, 16!!! Baby has a perfect bisque socket head which is marked 152-10, meaning he was made by Hertel Schwab in Germany around 1910. His head has no chips, cracks or rubs, and he has the most lovely gray sleep eyes. He has his original pate and blonde […]

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Gorgeous Antique German Bisque Simon & Halbig Doll, 22, Unusual Marks

Gorgeous Antique German Bisque Simon & Halbig Doll, 22, Unusual Marks. The doll is only marked 1079 Germany 10 1/2. But we all know she was made by Simon & Halbig. The doll has a perfect bisque socket head with no chip or cracks. She has molded feathered eyebrows and BIG blue sleep eyes, with […]

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Gorgeous antique doll dress, silk, German or French antique doll

For your consideration there is pure silk doll dress, decorated with lace. The dress fastens at front. Please, see pictures for details. Shoulders – 9 cm. Length – 20 cm or 7 2/3. Chest – 21 cm or 8 1/3. USA, Japan, Australia – 14-28 days, Europe – 5-21 days. The item “Gorgeous antique doll […]

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Gorgeous Antique German Closed Mouth Turned Shoulder Head Doll ABG Simon Halbig

This is a beautiful antique closed-mouth doll. She is 19 tall. She has a beautiful face with great details. Great big blue paper weight eyes. Leather body with bisque lower arms, red leather stitched-on boots. Arms look to be one size too small, but bisque on the hands is perfect. She has a professional restoration […]

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Gorgeous C1909 14 Factory Original Antique German Munich Art Doll

A very rare German character child from the studios of Marion Kaulitz, circa 1909. Features a composition socket head with expressive painted features, blue eyes and a closed mouth with very full lips, original mohair wig, composition and wooden ball-jointed body. Condition as shown in photos and also see condition report, see title for more […]

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Gorgeous Antique German DEP Handwerck Halbig Bisque Head Doll Original 27

Today we are offering a lovely, hard to find German dolls made by Heinrich Handwerck. This is a bisque socket head doll with a ball-jointed composition body, measuring 27 with the original wig. Her face shows gorgeous blue eyes and a cupids bow mouth complete with upper teeth. She also has hand painted brows and […]

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