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Antique German 7 Theodor Recknagel Bisque Head Doll & Wood Dollhouse

A sweet early 1900s antique 7 inch German Bisque socket head Butcher doll wired at the neck, shoulders and hips with glass eyes. He comes with his Butcher shop wood dollhouse. His eyes open and close as they should. No cracks or breaks composition body open mouth showing teeth.

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Antique 935 Silver German Jugendstil & Gemstone Brooch Theodor Fahrner Unsigned

I have showed this to a friend who collects vintage and antique jewelry. I was told that this stunning antique German silver and amethyst stone Jugendstil jewel was likely crafted by Theodor Fahrner, although unsigned, or created by one of the designers who worked for him. This oval shaped Jugendstil brooch features a intricate embossed […]

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